A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine

copyright 2012, Max Ranft

A Loaf of Bread

The rich mahogany background of this painting is typical of Max’s still life work of a few decades ago.  He did several paintings featuring food–maybe sustenance is a better word.  This crusty loaf needs no accompaniment but a swig from the pewter jug beside it.  The grapes and copper pot below offer another example of Max’s work from this period.

Copyright 2012, Max Ranft

Green Grapes Beside a Copper Pot

Pulling Ashore the Rowboat at Graue Mill

copyright 2012, Max Ranft

Pulling Ashore the Rowboat at Graue Mill

Max Ranft has used the Graue Mill as the setting for a number of paintings.  He adjusted the landscape components to fit his composition.  The painting above includes the addition of a boat and three men.  In the painting below, the river is broad and prominent.  Notice that the mill is three stories high.  Both were painted in the 1990s and are privately owned.

copyright 2012, Max Ranft. Use of this image without permission of the artist is prohibited.

Graue Mill