Max's Headshot

Max Ranft specializes in landscapes painted on site throughout Chicago and Wisconsin.  Favorite locations include the Graue Mill in Oakbrook, Illinois, the Methodist Campgrounds in Des Plaines, Illinois, and rural settings.  An accomplished life drawing instructor at the Palatte and Chisel and the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Max has completed many portraits, working from life, not from photos.  Earlier in his career, he designed and painted large secular and church murals as well as alter pieces and Stations of the Cross throughout the United States.  He also worked as an illustrator of magazines and books.

Max received his training at the Chicago Academy of Art and the American Academy of Art.  For twenty-five years he was an art director and illustrator at J. Walter Thompson.  He is a three-time gold medal winner at the Palette & Chisel Academy.

He is indebted to the training he received from Louis Grell.


If you’re interested in any of the art you see on these pages, please contact Max directly.  Serious inquiries only.

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